Friday, February 27, 2009

Ahhhh, maturity

So tonight was our first soccer game. We had our asses handed to us on a platter. 12-1. Seriously.

But I had FUN.

Now years ago, I would have been enraged at both my performance and that of my teammates (who are also coworkers). It wouldn't have mattered that many of them have never played before, or if they have, it has been a few years for them. But tonight, I saw that they tried hard, and that I tried hard. I pulled something in my ass, both hip sockets are grinding like rusty metal, and I am so exhausted I have the shakes.

But I had FUN.

Maturity. Who knew?

(Of course, make no mistake - next week I plan on making the other team cry for their mommies. :) )



sounds like fun though.....

I think a little yoga's enough for me.... gosh does that sound lazy..

ok maybe a couple times up and down the steep get the metab going..

have a great week...
mona & the girls...
ps love the goddess I want boobies that big.. she is gorgeous

Linda Carol said...

Good for you playing soccer.
What a great game, I should play more.
I played in tournamemt for some college group here at the University a year a go or so... it kicked my butt. But considering I was probably twice the age of the average player I thought I did OK.
Definitely reminded me how out of shape I am.