Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have a Heart for Tanya

Tanya of Aardvark Silver needs our help. She is an Australian living in Thailand and she needs surgery to repair an artery before she loses her right hand and then her arm; her surgery must be paid for in full before they will do it. I have purchased from her before, and she is is very kind woman. Please take a moment to check our her pledgie page. So far, 78% has been raised. I took the liberty of copying part of her posting from her Pledgie page:

"I went to see my surgeon yesterday (6th Jan) and he wants me to have surgery as soon as possible.This Sunday actually (10th Jan).I am not able to do that as I dont have funds yet and if I go into hospital without it all in place it would be stealing.I have now rebooked it until 31st Jan.Maybe we can make that deadline.
My right hand and arm now has patches of dead tissue.The circulation is breaking down as there is not enough oxygen getting into the tissues.It is now a matter of a very few weeks not the 2 months I thought I might have.I do need to reach my goal as fast as possible or else I am going to die very soon.All that because of money.A basic plumbing problem that can easily be repaired in about 4 or so hours.What a waste.I send you all Light and Love and want you to know that every cent counts and is so very much appreciated.Thank you are very inadequate words but I hope you understand how much I mean.Light and Love Tanya"

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