Thursday, March 25, 2010

What I'm Reading

Well, more like, "What I Just Read."

I finished A Local Habitation, by Seanan McGuire last night. It is the second in her October Daye series. I love these books. The main characters are intriguing and the stories are well-written.

From her website:

October Daye knows all-too-well how cruel Faerie can be to its changeling children. Born in San Francisco and carried to the Summerlands by her pureblood mother when she was just a child, she was raised in a world that never seemed capable of understanding her. She ran away the moment the opportunity presented itself, only to find that the human world wasn't any better.

Things have been going downhill from there.

The October Daye books are modern urban fantasy set in the San Francisco Bay Area, and heavily influenced by classical folklore. They follow the adventures of October "Toby" Daye as she tries to find her footing in a world that seems a little more interested in killing her than she'd like. The first book in the series is Rosemary and Rue, released by DAW Books in September 2009. Book two, A Local Habitation, was released in March 2010. An Artificial Night will be released in September 2010. Two more have been confirmed as following—Late Eclipses and The Brightest Fell, with release dates to be announced.

I cannot wait until the rest are released!


Farm Girl Cat said...

this sounds like my kind of book, adding it to my list

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