Monday, June 28, 2010

Curse you, Weird Al Yankovic!

Last night I was watching the cookbook episode on Food(ography) . I love cookbooks; I own over 60. The ironic thing? I usually cook the same 5 -10 recipes over and over. I love to read the cookbooks, not actually do anything with them.

While watching the episode, I came up with a great blog post. I'm sure it was about creativity, inspiration, cookbooks, beads, and how it all ties into my life. You'd think after 40 years of dipshititis, I would know better and at least write notes. But nnooooo. Not me.

This morning the only thing in my brain was an ear worm. A Weird Al Yankovic ear worm. White and Nerdy, to be precise.



TesoriTrovati said...

I actually had to read that word twice before I got it (
I am right there with ya! Same thing on the cookbooks, but I gave most of them away when I moved. However, books about beading and colors and jewelry (even if it is not something I will ever learn to do) is my all consuming passion.
Enjoy the day!

one-eared pig said...

One can never have enough books of any kind. :)
Even if it is something you will never do, it can still be an inspiration.

Jen V. said...

I just laughed out loud!!!!!! What a riot! It's "hidden brilliance" when you just can't get it into words...haaaaaaaaa At least that's what I call it!!

one-eared pig said...

ooo, hidden brilliance. That's good, too! :)