Friday, March 11, 2011

Extra Gratitude Today

As I watch the footage and read the articles about the earthquake and tsnumani devastation across the Pac Rim, I can't stop thinking about the people I've met over these 6 years since I've started lampworking. I've met (online) people from all over the world, many of them affected by the recent earthquakes in NZ, Chile, and now Japan. Although knowing peole that are living thorugh this makes the coverage that much more difficult, I am grateful to know so many people, even if it only online.

Hug your loved ones.


somethingunique said...

Hi Melissa, i know isn't it aweful what they are going through, my son and i were watching the news this morning and i was in tears. It puts into perspective how lucky we are. I am new to this creative family of bloggers and i agree even though we will prob never meet i know i feel like you we are all friends sharing laughter,sorrow,pain our creations and just life in general. i hope the friends you have there are ok and i really enjoy your blog and your beautiful creations. ttfn Lana from Ontario p.s. i'm sort of curious about the "one eared pig"

Beadwright said...

Melissa thank you so much for your positive thoughts for us. The evacuation this morning was so scary. We are so lucky that it didn't come in as strong as they had thought and we are OK. But the devastation is just heart breaking.
Thanks again