Monday, May 16, 2011

1 Lab + 8 Rocks = $800

Part of what occupied my week last week was our lab, Kaylee. She's always been a handful; she's eaten sticks, pens, towels, blankets, and rocks. Everything has always made a, um, successful journey. Rocks she can usually hork back up the next day, but we always knew it was a matter of time before surgery was needed.

Well, last week the time came for surgery. One morning, the hyper three year-old lab went outside and just sat down. No running around, no barking at mysterious creatures in the woods. She just sat there, a sure sign something was wrong. Took her to vet, they took an x-ray, and sure enough, a belly full of rocks. They really wanted to avoid surgery, but after 24 hours the rocks were still there. Into surgery she went. Everything went well, and we are now the proud owner of an $800 baggie of 8 rocks.

Good thing she's cute.

Here is a picture of Kaylee & Xena staring out the window, guarding against evil hordes of chipmunks.

Here is a close up of our old lady, Xena.


Jenni said...

Goodness, I had never heard of a dog eating rocks before. I am glad surgery went well,. They are very sweet looking dogs, What we do for our beloved doggy friends..!.

one-eared pig said...

She's just crazy, I think.

Judy said...

Ya can buy an awful lot of chew toys and treats for $800. Just sayin'

Beadbug said...

Good thing she is so cute.

LOL my word verification is Ansall

one-eared pig said...

Lol, Judy, she has tons of chew toys, and uses all of them. I've thought about putting the toys int he yard, but I think the rocks taste better.