Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Twofer Wednesday

Ok,so Twofer Wednesday doesn't have a nice alliteration.  :)  Today is another installment of What You Looking At?  Wednesday and a Bead Soup Blog Party teaser.

First up, my friend Cara of Shuffle Studio on Etsy.  She has the cutest little beads, and she makes them all on a hothead.  She has a wonderful eye for sculptural, color, detail...  everything! On top of it, she is the sweetest person!
Next, we have a nice little teaser for the Bead Soup Blog Party reveal this Saturday.  My partner is Marian Hertzog of M's Place.

On a side note, I discovered this PhotoShop Elements effect called Glass Blocks.  How fun is this?

See you all on Saturday!

1 comment:

Beadbug said...

Cara also does some of the tiniest work I have ever seen.

Your photo is more of a tease than mine.