Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Love Blue Chalcedony

I just love Blue Chalcedony (from Gaffer Girls, via Howaco Glass).  It is a beautiful, frustrating glass.  I love the blues and purples that I can sometimes coax out of it. I have a show this Friday at the West Michigan Glass Art Center in Kalamazoo and next Saturday I have the West Michigan Bead Expo at Calvin College in Grand Rapids. I hope they are popular, but if not, look for them soon on Etsy!

This week I tried the frit on CIM tamarind.  I plan on etching this set, which will give it a smooth, satiny finish. I think it will make the beads resemble ceramic.

As I took the picture of the tamarind and chalcedony, I also took a picture of the view off my back deck.  The leaves in our yard are finally starting to turn.