Monday, October 15, 2012

Feeling Sassy and Sparkly!

This weekend I was a vendor at the Bead Bonanza in Southfield, Michigan.  It was a good show. but my highlight was meeting the incredible Ofilia Cinta.  I took my first lampwork class back in 2004, and one of the first artists I discovered online was Ofilia. Not coincidentally, some of the first beads I made were fish:

I gave them my own twist and added multiple eyes, and you can't see it, but this fish (as most of mine did) had a butt.

This is the fish I bought from Ofilia:

See the similarity?  Neither do I. :)  My point is, great art and great people make you you want to strive for more, to do more, and to be a better you. What is great art? For me, it is something that stimulates and makes you think. What is a great person?  Someone who smiles at you (and doesn't look for the exits) as you babble on about your divorceandyouroventhatburnseverythingnomatterthetemperatureandhowmuchyouveadmiredherworkforoversevenyearsandyouaresogeekedtomeetyou...


JuLee said...

OMG! I so relate. I got to meet Kristi Bowman at NWBS Bead Bizarre and thought I was going to hyperventalate, I was talking so much. She is a metal artist I have been following on Flickr and Facebook and I just LOVE her work. I think she thought I was nuts.

one-eared pig said...

:) Good to know I am not alone... (and now I have to go look her up so I can stalk, too)