Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Tagging is a blogger's game. You tag someone by leaving a comment on their blog and letting them know that they have been tagged. When you have been tagged you post several random, weird, or whatever facts about yourself. Then go tag seven other blogs. Post the URLs of the blogs you tagged. That's it!

I was tagged by Mary Beth at Novembers Fyre Studio (beautiful beads!). I love to talk, but I have a hard time sharing, so here goes!

1. I love to write, and then I shred what I've written. I've been doing this since middle school. Aside from a few school papers, there is no record of anything I've ever written.

2. I love quotes. I currently have 2 notebooks full of quotes.

3. Books bring me comfort. I have to have books in every room. Just touching books brings me comfort.

4. My two favorite movies of all time are The Little Princess and Hellraiser.

5. My first dog when I was little was named Sadie, and she looked like Benji.

6. The coolest muppet *ever* is Grover.

7. After waffling for over 20 years, I have finally decided on a tattoo. Now, I just need to figure out where, get the $$$, and find a very reputable artist.

The seven people I am tagging:









vonna said...

Okay so teach me now that you tagged me ~ :)

Thursday said...

Why isn't your tattoo going to be of Grover? What's with the Grover-dissing?

Also, your two favorite movies are really funny together. Which you knew already.

The first dog I remember was named Sadie, too. Of course, she was the dog next door because we never had a dog, and she was a yellow lab, but the name similarity applies.

one-eared pig said...

'What's with the Grover-dissing?'

Bite your tongue, woman! :)

Ellen said...

Ok, the tattoo. If you were older (like me) I'd tell you to get one on the outside of your lower leg (like me) but since you're not - I say to start just above the crack of your you-know-what and go up your spine.

vonna said...

Okay - it's still confusing, lol but I made a page just for you - HA!

Still need the dodge ball though ~

LOL Ellen ~

one-eared pig said...

I am considering my leg as one of the spots. I thought about the back because I think she would look great as a large back piece, but I think my love handles would take away from the beauty of the piece. heehee. Beisdes, I want to be able to see it without having to strip nekkid and look in a mirror. lol

one-eared pig said...

Great page, Vonna. Sorry I haven't had time to 'teach' tagging. :) The last couple of days of exploded on me. I haven't been home or near a computer for more than 10 minutes.

Ellen said...

The other thing I like about the side of my leg is - I forget it's there. I don't see it when I look down at my legs. It's not so "in your face."
It's also much easier to show off in a bar. I didn't see the point in getting a tattoo that I couldn't flash around. I also like 'em big. If you can't see it from a block away, no point.

one-eared pig said...

I agree, Ellen.

vonna said...

Okay who stole my monster bead ~ spill the bead - I mean beans ~