Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Love Dogs

I love dogs. I've almost always had a dog or two in my life. Nothing beats coming home after a really crappy day at work and having your dog freak out because she is so happy to see you.

They can be somewhat trying, though. This is a picture of Kaylee, our 2 y.o. lab immediately after she had a bath. We let her out, and she immediately ran to the marsh, chest-high into the muck. Her scond bath of the day consisted of very cold water from the hose.


Thursday said...

All signs point to dogs feeling ickier and thinking they smell worse after a shampoo than a run in the marsh.

one-eared pig said...

Exactly. *sigh*

Caroline B said...

Haha, I had a white dog that used to roll in mud after a bath...great!
Really cute beads!

one-eared pig said...

Thank you, Caroline!

Megilon said...

Mine like to run out in our yard and get muddy paws then run in and jump on our ivory couch. I now keep a towel by the back door.

But I wouldn't trade them for the world.